About Us


Investigating problems and crafting solutions.

Clean energy future. Wisconsin Environment Research & Policy Center has developed a strong policy case for the state to pursue a clean energy future. Through a series of research reports, the organization has documented the state’s untapped potential to generate energy from wind, solar and clean biomass, along with using energy more efficiently. We have educated more than 50,000 citizens in the last three years through our large-scale citizen outreach efforts. In addition, we organized a series of town hall meetings to educate citizens and policy-makers about the potential Wisconsin has to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and pursue a clean energy future.


Educating the public and making our voices heard

Clean water. Wisconsin Environment Research & Policy Center is playing a leading role educating Wisconsinites about the threat of runoff pollution and the policy solutions needed to address it. In 2009, the organization issued a series of fact sheets documenting runoff pollution from residential lawns and golf courses. The state subsequently adopted a new law aimed at addressing the problem. Currently, we are running a large-scale citizen outreach campaign knocking on doors throughout the state educating citizens about the ways that pollution from agriculture, sewers and roads harms lakes and streams through algae blooms, sediment and weeds.